all together now!!

Steve & Braviary: That is definitely a good paring [heck I named my Braviary Alfred F. Jones]

Bruce & Renuiclus: Imagine if Bruce went Hulk and Renuiclus just engulfed him until he calmed down…

Tony & Metagross: I could totally see them just flying side by side and making inventions together.

Clint & Pidgeot: They’d just pick a perch together and maybe Pidgeot would build a nest for Clint.

Phil & [Shiny] Victini: Phil would just get all the fanboy merchandise and Victini would always be perched on his shoulder or head. They would definitely be an adorable pair.

Natasha & Vulpix: I could see them just lounging together giving Clint and Pidgeot sultry stares from across the room…

Loki & Gengar: There would be no cage that could hold them and no safehaven from their pranks.

Nick & Garchomp: Just imagine… them at the helm… infront of the meeting table… in the labs… with their arms crossed and steel glare in place, SIDE BY SIDE.

Thor & Raichu: Raichu would be circling Thor an he’d just be laughing and they would look so badass charging into battle with Thor raising his hammer and Raichu jumping up all charged up and showing his fangs.